— Renew institutional visual experience

Centre Culturel de l'Université de Sherbrooke

Art Direction

The cultural center of the University of Sherbrooke has the Maurice O'Bready Hall, the fourth largest theater in Quebec. We have been mandated to develop the artistic direction for their 2018-2019 advertising campaign. The challenge was to create a modern, refreshing and impactful visual while conveying the energy and atmosphere felt during a show.

The fusion of two stylized "C" creates a unique shape that acts as the main visual element of the campaign. It is a concept that arouses the interest and curiosity of the public while not destabilizing too much the usual clientele. Each theme of the programmation has its own color code. This vibrant color palette is inspired by the lighting games produced during a show. The graphic line creates a dialogue between complexity and simplicity, a bit like a play or a music concert. These new visuals reveal a year full of colors and emotions.

emotions_Plan de travail 1emotions_Plan de travail 1